Akwa erogatori di acqua per casa e ufficio

Akwa®, pure water dispensers for the
well-being and health of the whole family

Akwa® purified and micro-filtered water dispensers supply pure water without any unpleasant taste at home. The Akwa® micro-filtration system eliminates any trace of chlorine, retaining a great deal of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along its route. The final result is water with all its beneficial components, minerals essential to the body, pure and fresh as spring water.

Your water, the way you like it

Akwa® dispensers provide all the water you want, when you want: cold, sparkling, at room temperature or hot.

Erogatori d’acqua purificata

Perfect in any environment

Thanks to its versatility and interchangeable coloured panels, Akwa® fits perfectly in each and every environment, not only just in the kitchen!

Erogatori d’acqua purificata

Much more than just water

You can use Akwa® to wash food and cook, while with Akwa Cup you can make ‘American’ and espresso coffee right when you want it, with micro-filtered water.

Akwa - Prodotto ecologico made in Italy

Always there for you

Akwa® purifying dispensers can be used without connection to the general water supply, thanks to the large tank supplied. Your water, the way you want it, always there for you.

Utilizzo erogatori Akwa
Akwa 20 Verso No installation needed

Akwa® is health, convenience, ecology and practicality

It’s good for your health

Because it eliminates chlorine and a great deal of harmful substances, while maintaining minerals essential for our health and well-being.

It’s good for your expenses

Because it allows to save up to € 1200 per family per year.

It’s good for you

Because Akwa® is a source of pure water, for all your needs, always at hand.

It’s good for the environment

Because it help to reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

Choose safety

Made in Italy

Akwa® purifying dispensers are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, based on over half a century of industrial experience. All this guarantees products with the highest quality both in terms of materials used, as well as during assembly.


Akwa products are manufactured in compliance with the most stringent European and international regulations regarding product safety (LDV Directive) and materials in contact with food (Moca regulation). The production plant is UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Support and service

All Akwa® users have access to free telephone support and multimedia in response to questions regarding the use of the products. Filters, CO2 and coffee canisters are provided by a widespread network. Akwa® installations are carried out by specialized technicians.

News and insights

Akwa at the Aquatech trade fair

Akwa at the Aquatech trade fair

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Akwa silver-ion filter

Silver ion filter

Activated carbon and silver ions. The new filter for all Akwa products.

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