The entire production process, from the design phase to the finished product, is constantly monitored according to the most advanced criteria established by internationally valid Quality Systems. Accurate checks guarantee that everything is carried out according to legal standards. Attentive production supervision allows to verify the correct application of operating procedures and working methods.

Akwa is manufactured in complete compliance with the most stringent European and international regulations regarding product safety (Directive 2014/35/EU LDV), complying with the requirements concerning contact and contamination of materials with food, as well as the treatment of drinking water established by the following European regulations and international standards: EC regulation 1935/2004, EC regulation 1895/2005, EC regulation 2023/2006, EU regulation 10/2011, DM 34/1973 and subsequent adj. DPR 777/1982 and subsequent amendments, Legislative Decree 31/2001, Ministerial Decree 174/2004, Ministerial Decree 25/2012.

The production plant is UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certified, which is an international standard that defines the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system.

Unitekno Foligno Italy

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