The micro-filtration system

The Akwa micro-filtration system

Good and safe water for all the family!

Akwa® purifiers are equipped with a compact activated carbon filter treated with silver ions that retains chlorine and other harmful substances, such as heavy metals and pesticides that may be dissolved in the mains water, without eliminating mineral salts.

The exclusive Akwa® filter retains a large part of dangerous substances, supplying pure, pleasant water that is rich in all the beneficial components essential for your body.

Il sistema di microfiltrazione Akwa
Il sistema di microfiltrazione Akwa

Akwa® silver ion filter

The exclusive Akwa® filtration system consists of natural sintered fibers (carbon clock), protected by a special membrane with silver ions. The sintered fibers retain chlorine, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, thanks to their physico-chemical properties, while silver ions perform an antibacterial action, preventing the formation of micro-organisms and guaranteeing water that is always micro-biologically pure.

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