In this period of lockdown we all do our part.

Staying at home is not only a duty, but also the way we have to thank those who are working to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.

However, we can turn this period into an opportunity to devote ourselves to the care of our bodies.

The importance of drinking water during exercise

Whatever physical activity we do at home, hydration is very important.
Dehydration, in fact, has negative effects on sweating, muscles, blood flow and even heart activity.
This is why it is necessary to drink a lot of water, possibly not bottled water which, besides being less safe, is also the main source of pollution.

Experts recommend at least 8 glasses of water a day, but if you do physical activity you need to drink even more. Water is also essential to increase muscle tone, as our muscles will be more energetic and less prone to cramping and fatigue. It is important to drink before exercise in order to achieve performance in conditions of optimal hydration, during to instantly replenish lost liquids and after sport to restore a general balance of the body that has lost water.

It is certainly better to drink in small sips at intervals of 10-15 minutes and above all to drink cool water at room temperature.

On the quality of the water to be drunk, it is better to drink tap water, both for safety reasons (water from the water mains is much more controlled than bottled water) and to help to reduce plastic and hydrocarbon pollution.

The Akwa filtration system allows you to have a good and sustainable water source always available at home.
Discover the unique pleasure of having a healthy, fresh, plastic free water at your disposal!

Akwa improves what is already good

With Akwa® purified and microfiltered water dispensers you can have pure water without any unpleasant taste directly at home.

The Akwa® microfiltration system eliminates any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along the pipes.
The result is a water rich in all its beneficial components, pure and fresh.

The use of the Akwa filtration system is the ideal solution for healthy drinking, respecting your health and the environment.


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