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Erogatori purificatori acqua caffè

Dispenser, water purifier with micro-filtration system. It dispenses room-temperature water and coffee. Thanks to its internal filter, it can guarantee good quality water as well as “American” and espresso coffee right when you want it with micro-filtered water.
Connects to the water supply.

Erogatori purificatori acqua caffè

Water and coffee dispenser. Thanks to the connection with Akwa Under placed under the sink, it delivers filtered, room temperature, cold and carbonated water, as well as ‘American’ and espresso coffee, prepared with purified water right when you want it.
Connects to Akwa Under

Erogatori purificatori acqua caffè

Glass jugs, silver ion filter and everything you need for the use and maintenance of your Akwa Cup dispenser. Coffee packed in capsules The blends are true recipes unchanged over time and created to enhance the taste, aroma and creaminess of each coffee bean.

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