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Akwa Cup Connect

Water and coffee dispenser. Thanks to the connection with Akwa Under placed under the sink, it delivers filtered, room temperature, cold and carbonated water, as well as ‘American’ and espresso coffee, prepared with purified water right when you want it.

With Akwa Cup Connect you have water and coffee for all tastes to satisfy the needs of your whole family in any situation.

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Technical characteristics

Voltage and power consumption 230V 50Hz, 1430W
Types of pump Vibration (coffee)
Maximum pump pressure 20 bar
Heat-up time <40 s
Connection to the water mains
Mains pressure (bar) 1,8 – 4,5
Dose management
Sanitization indication LED and dispenser cut-off
Energy consumption in stand-by mode 0,5W
Length of power cable (cm) 60
Machine dimensions (LxDxH, cm) 24,5x19x33
Gross Weight (kg) 4,2
Dimensions when packed (LxDxH, cm) 29x24x35
Items per pallet 48
CE conformity
Micro-filtered water
Cold water (with Akwa Under)
Sparkling water (with Akwa Under)
Used capsule container capacity 15


Valvola antiallagamento purificatore d'acqua

Anti-flood valve

Miscele caffè Akwa Cup


Ricambi accessori erogatori d'acqua

Glass jugs

Erogatore Akwa Cup Solo

Akwa® coffee

Akwa Cup delivers pure water and ‘American’ and espresso coffee, prepared with micro-filtered water at the right moment, without accumulations and stagnation.
Coffee is 99.9% water, but few pay attention to the quality of the water used to make coffee. Tap water contains a high level of chlorine which changes the taste of coffee. Incrustations form in the tanks of traditional coffee machines, where bacterial colonies can develop, which are dangerous to health.

Akwa Cup is the innovative system that delivers coffee with purified water right when you want it, enhancing the taste of each cup. A single dispenser that provides pure, cold, sparking water, as well as high quality coffee – always.

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