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Akwa 20 Verso

Dispenser, water purifier with micro-filtration system, carbonator cooler. It dispenses room temperature, cold and sparkling water. It works both connected to the general water mains and using the tank supplied. Easy to change from one supply mode to another.

  • Filter and CO2 canister behind the front panel;
  • Coloured interchangeable panels;
  • Ready for CO2 external canister.
Akwa erogatori di acqua per casa e ufficio
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Technical characteristics

Voltage and power consumption 230V 50Hz, 170W
AISI316 12/10 steel carbonator-exchanger AISI316 12/10
Carbonator capacity ( Its ) 3
Refrigerant gas R134a, 70g
Safety valve (on carbonator)
Condenser (forced ventilation)
Compressor type, alternative CV 1/12 Hp
Types of pump booster
P max CO2 (bar) 4,5
External tank ( lts ) 4,5
Connection to the water mains
Double water supply (mains and tank)
Filter supplied KW802S activated carbon with silver ions
Internal CO2 cannister 600g
Ready for external canister
Mains pressure ( bar ) 1,8 – 4,5
Mechanical temperature adjustment
Dose management
Sanitization indication LED and dispenser cut-off
Length of power cable ( cm ) 200
Machine dimensions (LxDxH, cm) 23x48x47
Gross weight (kg) 19
Dimensions when packed (LxDxH, cm) 26x60x41
Items per pallet 24
CE conformity
Micro-filtered water (lt/h) 120 (tanksupply)
Cold water ( lt/h ) 12
Sparkling water ( lt/h ) 12


Filtro KW802S


Ricarica C02 Akwa

CO2 Canister

Ricambi accessori erogatori d'acqua

Coloured panels

Ricambi accessori erogatori d'acqua

Akwa glass jugs

mobiletto per erogatori d'acqua

Akwa Dispenser Cabinet

Valvola antiallagamento purificatore d'acqua

Anti-flooding valve


Your water, the way you like it

With Akwa 20 Verso purifying dispensers you can choose the type of water you want when you want it. The carbonation and refrigeration system provides cold water with CO2 added, according to everyone’s tastes.

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Always there for you

Akwa VERSO purifying dispensers can be used with their large tank or directly connected to the water mains. Easy and fast to switch from mains connection to tank connection and vice versa.

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Perfect in each and every environment

The interchangeable coloured panels allow you customize the dispensers according to your tastes, integrating perfectly in every context and adapting to the changes in your home.

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