Pure water in cooking

Water is an ingredient that is often overlooked in cooking. However, good and healthy water is indispensable for tasty dishes.

First of all, the ideal water must be pure and low in salt.

Secondly, it must not in any way alter the taste of the dish we are preparing.

According to the opinion of renowned chefs, in fact, the type of water is also fundamental to obtain optimal results in the dish we cook.

So if you are preparing hot and cold infusions, if you are cooking water-absorbing foods such as pasta and legumes, it is absolutely recommended to use natural water. The same goes for soups, purées and vegetable creams. Sparkling water is better in mixtures and for boiling vegetables.

In any case, purity and quality are essential requirements and therefore it is necessary to choose the right water not only to drink but also to cook.

Tap water is by far the most suitable, daily controlled, cheapest and healthiest choice. Unfortunately, however, it often contains high percentages of chlorine and substances that, in addition to being harmful to health, affect the smell and taste of the dishes we cook.

Akwa improves what is already good

With Akwa® purified and microfiltered water dispensers you can have pure water without any unpleasant taste directly at home.

The Akwa® microfiltration system eliminates any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along the pipes.
The result is a water rich in all its beneficial components, pure and fresh.

The use of the Akwa filtration system is the ideal solution for healthy drinking, respecting your health and the environment.


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