More plastic than fish

It is the fishermen who bring back to the surface pounds of plastic dispersed in the Mediterranean. It is shocking what a net fishes at a depth of 600 meters, precisely 20 miles off the coast of Puglia, one of the regions renowned in Italy for the beauty of its sea. Among the few red shrimps there are plastic bottles and glasses, bags, packaging and waste of all kinds. As the images from Francesco Sena show, the situation has degenerated.

This is not an isolated case but it is a situation that affects all our seas, it is expected by 2050 that the amount of plastic will equal that of fish. 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year, 7% of which goes into Mediterranean waters.

The increase can be seen on sight Francesco Sena in 2016 shot fishing scenes in the same area and in the same period. The plastic waste was absent, only 4 years later the increase was exponential. Fishermen find themselves having to separate large quantities of plastic from the fish, contributing to the removal of waste from the water.

Fishermen’s help will not be enough to stop the pollution of our waters, we must change our habits, eliminate disposable plastic from our daily life and choose packaging that is easily recyclable, choose products without packaging and correctly separate waste and not abandon waste in the environment.

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