Activated carbon and silver ions. The new filter for all Akwa products

Akwa dispensers have a new silver-ion-treated active carbon filter.
Silver is by its nature an antimicrobial substance, used since ancient times as a natural disinfectant that can control the spread of infections and diseases.
Because of its antibacterial and natural antiviral properties, silver ions were used for the Akwa dispenser filter to make the water even more good and healthy.
The microfiltration of 0.5 microns of the filter can retain even the smallest impurities such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, is thus strengthened by the action of the silver ions that act by preventing and combating the formation of microorganisms.
All in a completely natural way, without altering the normal balance of the water and without removing all those beneficial substances such as mineral salts, but eliminating only those that can damage the organism.
Thanks to the Akwa filter on active silver-ion carbons, the water is good for both taste and health.

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