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A good immune system is an excellent starting point for staying healthy, especially during this period. A few simple measures are often enough for everyone to feel well, starting with proper hydration.
Drinking the right amount of water is important to ensure the well-being of our body and improve our health. Water is vital for the functioning of all organs and plays a crucial role in maintaining our body’s defences.
Drinking water also facilitates the elimination of waste from the body and counteracts retention. It improves intestinal emptying with a reshaping effect and encourages the disposal of fat, accelerating the slimming processes. Drinking out of meals also fills the stomach, preventing the onset of so-called “nervous hunger”.

On the other hand, lack of hydration can be a danger because the mucous membranes, which are not protected by a fluid film, are more easily penetrated by pathogens and at the same time the elimination of toxic substances is not sufficiently guaranteed.

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How much water should we drink?

At least 2 litres a day is the right dose for an adult. To this quantity must be added the liquids supplied to the body by fruits and vegetables, for a total of about 3 liters per day.

When is the best time of day to drink?

While eating you can drink a maximum of two glasses of water to aid digestion, a larger amount is not recommended. Particularly recommended is to drink water in the morning because it brings considerable benefits to our body: in fact, it allows to eliminate stomach acidity, to dispose of toxins, to purify the kidneys. It also helps the awakening of the metabolism, improves circulation and helps to lose weight and combat constipation.

Still or sparkling water?

Still water is just as good as sparkling one. Contrary to what is usually believed, sparkling water does not make you bloated: the gas exerts a pressure that accelerates the emptying of the stomach and the transit of food into the intestine.

What water should we drink?

Tap water is better because it is rich in all minerals and useful substances for the body. According to experts, tap water is safe and there is no sanitary justification for choosing bottled water. In addition, tap water is cheap, controlled, practical and eco-sustainable and by eliminating chlorine and other substances it is good not only for health but also for taste.

You want to improve you water? With Akwa you can do it!

Akwa improves what is already good.

With Akwa® purified and microfiltered water dispensers you can have pure water without any unpleasant taste directly at home.

The Akwa® microfiltration system eliminates any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along the pipes.
The result is a water rich in all its beneficial components, pure and fresh.

The use of the Akwa filtration system is the ideal solution for healthy drinking, respecting your health and the environment.

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