A good coffee needs pure water!

Let’s discover the importance of water to get the best coffee

Water is an essential element for our lives and also the main ingredient of one of the drinks we love the most: coffee.

In fact, in every cup of coffee there is an average percentage of water between 90% and 98%, thus representing a fundamental element to obtain a quality coffee that influences not only the taste but also its extraction.

But which water is the best in order to make a good coffee, tap or bottled water?

Akwa e caffè

To answer this question, let’s start with tap water and analyze the main elements that make it up:

  • Mineral salts absorbed along the way from the source to the tap.

  • Chlorine and other substances used to treat water and make it microbiologically pure and free from bacteria.

Chlorine is the number one enemy of coffee, because it alters its taste, making it less pleasant. Dissolved minerals instead influence the extraction phase of the substances present in the powder; the so-called “water hardness” is the decisive element in this sense.

So bottled water is better?

No, because it is less safe than tap water, which is subject to daily controls and very strict legal limits on the presence of harmful substances such as heavy metals. It is also much more expensive and contributes to the pollution of our planet.

Filtering the water is a solution?

Considering that in the preparation of coffee water has an influence from the physical and chemical point of view, starting from pure water is an optimal solution.

The exclusive Akwa® filtration system consists of natural sintered fibers (carbon clock), protected by a special membrane with silver ions. The sintered fibers retain chlorine, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, thanks to their physico-chemical properties, while silver ions perform an antibacterial action, preventing the formation of micro-organisms and guaranteeing water that is always micro-biologically pure.
Filtro KW802S

And who uses the coffee machine?

Also in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the water, especially to keep stagnation to a minimum. In the tanks of traditional coffee machines, in fact, incrustations are formed and bacterial colonies dangerous to health can develop.

Akwa e caffè

Akwa® coffee

Erogatori d’acqua e caffè Akwa

Pure water, better coffee

Akwa® Cup is the innovative system that delivers coffee with purified water right when you want it, enhancing the taste of each cup. A single dispenser that provides pure, cold, sparking water, as well as high quality coffee – always.

A single system to provide a continuous supply of the purest water and the best coffee.

Akwa Cup is a practical and intelligent system that simplifies your life. A single integrated system that, without taking up space in the kitchen, allows you to always have micro-filtered water, at room temperature, cold and sparkling, and at the same time a high quality coffee with an intense and full-bodied taste.


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