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When Villelmo Bartolini bought a tapering machine in 1949 to transform iron pipes into table and chair legs, Europe was a continent destroyed by war, waiting to be rebuilt materially and spiritually. The aircraft factory where Villelmo worked as a tinsmith, a worker in charge of shaping the cockpits, had been destroyed by bombing, as has been much of the city of Foligno.

And it is thanks to men like Villelmo, ready to risk everything and always looking to the future with confidence, if Italy and Europe were able to recover. The bills of exchange signed one by one for the purchase of the tapering machine, whose deafening noise penetrated from the garage where it had been placed throughout the house above it, were paid well ahead of schedule and a chrome plating system, essential to complete the production cycle, was soon added to that first machine.

As soon as he reached the age of 21, the smallest son of Villelmo Bartolini, Gaudenzio,took his place on the front seat of the small third-hand OM truck to deliver metal structures for chairs, tables and lockers. Since then Gaudenzio has never looked back, and has continued to travel up and down Italy, first of all in the company he managed with his brother Alessio, and then for his own “creature”, Unitekno, founded in 1984. The idea of developing innovative, useful products, whose design expresses strength and familiarity, made to last and cross generations is his driving force. Among these, some real “icons”, such as the “Drago” iron and the “Pulistiro”.

The entrance of his sons Luca and Villelmo in the company at the beginning of the 1990s contributed to the internationalization of the company and to an expansion phase that took Unitekno products all over the world, from Japan to the United States. In this phase, Unitekno’s goal of sales involving direct human contact was firmly established and the company collaborated with organizations that follow this principle globally.

The beginning of the 2000s saw the consolidation of the organizational structure with the assimilation of the most up-to-date international ISO standards and the construction of the plant in Via Fedeli in Foligno, the design vision of which is confirmed by its constant and unchanged contemporaneity.

The start of the new production divisions focused on water treatment for human consumption (Akwa) and the production of medical devices for rehabilitation (Magnetoenergy) began during the second decade of the 2000s. Unitekno invests all its industrial experience in Akwa products to develop solutions that simplify life and contribute to safeguarding the environment. Akwa purifying dispensers transform the water of any tap into excellent drinking water, making it ideal for preparing food and drinks. Savings for families and for the environment.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental value in the company’s history. By creating tools for home and personal well-being, Unitekno fully respects nature, since attention to people is a logical consequence of respect for the planet on which we live. This is why, each and every activity carried out at Unitekno s constantly monitored in order to reduce the environmental impact of company activities and products as much as possible. Since the 1990s, Unitekno has banned the use of expanded polystyrene to package its products and is now about to celebrate another important step: the complete elimination of non-biodegradable plastic bags by the end of 2019. An ambitious goal on which the company has been working for some time with careful studies and tests that have enabled to identify eco-compatible replacement materials and, where possible, to eliminate packaging definitively, reducing waste and, at the same time, maintaining the high quality standards that have always been a fundamental feature of its products.

In addition to the production phase, respect for the environment emerges in all activities thanks to the attention to waste, the choice of non-polluting materials, diversified waste collection and an organic vegetable garden for all employees.

The company sill maintains its headquarters in Italy, at the Foligno plant in Umbria, where Akwa purifying dispensers are entirely designed and manufactured. Totally Italian production allows to follow all phases, right from the first ideas and elaboration, followed by when the images and visions begin to come to life, materializing and finally becoming real products, ready to enter people’s homes and improve their quality of life. Customer management, also in-house, enables to follow the post-production phase carefully, ensuring greater reliability for the products purchased, as well as to receive suggestions and new challenges to create new, ever-more advances products.

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