Akwa coffee

Erogatori d’acqua e caffè Akwa

Akwa® coffee

Pure water, better coffee

Akwa Cup delivers pure water and ‘American’ and espresso coffee, prepared with micro-filtered water at the right moment, without accumulations and stagnation.
Coffee is 99.9% water, but few pay attention to the quality of the water used to make coffee.Tap water contains a high level of chlorine which changes the taste of coffee. Incrustations form in the tanks of traditional coffee machines, where bacterial colonies can develop, which are dangerous to health.

Akwa® Cup is the innovative system that delivers coffee with purified water right when you want it, enhancing the taste of each cup. A single dispenser that provides pure, cold, sparking water, as well as high quality coffee – always.

Opzioni Akwa Cup

A single system to provide a continuous supply of the purest water and the best coffee.

Akwa Cup is a practical and intelligent system that simplifies your life. A single integrated system that, without taking up space in the kitchen, allows you to always have micro-filtered water, at room temperature, cold and sparkling, and at the same time a high quality coffee with an intense and full-bodied taste.

Erogatori d’acqua e caffè Akwa

The best blends for the best coffee


Akwa blends are the result of careful and meticulous work that follows the entire production chain and enables to choose the best beans that are roasted and packaged in capsules. Each blend is the result of a real recipe that defines ingredients, quantities and types of roasting specifically created to enhance the characteristics of each grain and guaranteeing creaminess, body and a long lasting and pleasant aroma.

Akwa coffee blends have evocative names that lead us to the discovery of faraway places, inhabited by men and women who live moving in search of pure water, the source of life and the main ingredient of every good coffee.

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