The advantages of Akwa®

Purified and micro-filtered water dispensers for the well-being and health of the whole family

Akwa® purified and micro-filtered water dispensers supply pure water without any unpleasant taste at home. The Akwa® micro-filtration system eliminates any trace of chlorine, retaining a great deal of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along its route.

The final result is water with all its beneficial components, minerals essential to the body, pure and fresh as spring water!

Erogatori d’acqua per famiglia
Erogatori d’acqua per famiglia

Good for your health

Good and healthy water that improves your quality of life

The water that comes out of our taps at home is often defined as “drinkable”, but we often prefer to buy bottled water, spending money and damaging the environment. Thanks to an efficient micro-filtration system, Akwa® dispensers eliminate all traces of chlorine, retaining a great deal of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along its route (metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons).

Akwa® provides water with all its beneficial components, without having to buy bottles any more.

Erogatori d’acqua per famiglia

No more micro-plastics

Recent studies have shown that 93% of bottled water contain micro-plastics coming from the same bottles or caps, reaching up to 325 particles per litre.

Akwa® purifying dispensers always guarantee pure water, without the presence of micro-plastics.

* “Synthetic polymer contamination in bottled water” State University of New York at Fredonia, Department of Geology & Environmental Sciences

Fresh and pure water

Water in plastic bottles can be stocked for up to three years, not always in controlled conditions, before being drunk. Exposure to sunlight and high temperatures generates the migration of substances from plastics to water.

Akwa® purifying dispensers always provide water that is pure and fresh as spring water.

Water that is controlled each and every day

Water coming from our aqueducts is subjected to daily checks and the law imposes very strict limits on the presence of harmful substances such as heavy metals and minerals. Analyses on mineral water sources are performed on a multi-year frequency with much higher limits regarding some substances.

With Akwa® purifying dispensers you know that you are drinking top quality water, purified from chlorine and from all the substances that can be released by systems and pipes.

Filtro Akwa agli Ioni d'argento

Making something good better

Water from aqueducts is treated with chlorine, often in high concentrations, in order to ensure microbiological safety. In addition to having an unpleasant taste, chlorine is also a danger to your health.

The micro-filtration system, and the silver ions the Akwa® purifiers are equipped with, eliminate any trace of chlorine, retaining a large amount of harmful substances that can contaminate the water along its route (metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons), also preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

Erogatori d’acqua per famiglia

Less effort, more well-being

The purchase, transport, storage and disposal of water bottles are heavy and costly, both in terms of physical efforts and time.

Akwa® purifying dispensers provide a continuous source of pure water that is easy to use, without wasting money, time, energy and space!

Not only drinking water

Tap water is also used to wash food and vegetables, as well as cooking. Chlorine and other potentially dangerous substances in water can contaminate food and drinks, and be absorbed by our bodies.

Akwa® purifying dispensers provide purified water for all domestic uses.

Akwa per lambiente

Environmentally friendly

Protects the environment and the future of your children

The use of bottled water has an important impact on our environment caused by the containers, usually made of plastic, as well as their transport, still mostly carried out by road.

Facts and figures to consider


Time needed for a plastic bottle to decompose


Tons of plastic disseminated each year


Estimated km² of plastic island in the Pacific Ocean

By using Akwa® purifying dispensers, you make an important contribution to protecting the environment and in particular:

You reduce the production of plastic waste

By not buying bottled water you avoid producing plastic waste that is harmful to the environment.

You help reduce hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide pollution

caused by the production, stocking and transport of bottled water

Good for your finances

You avoid unnecessary waste of time and money

Akwa® purifying dispensers improve your daily well-being in a thousand ways! Helping you save too!

Bottles water costs up to 1000 times more than water from the tap!

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